Lafayette Co. deputies have seized 12 horses from an address in Wiota Township as they investigate allegations of animal neglect. The remains of one horse were found on the property.

Citizens reported the alleged neglect at an address along Trotter Rd. in mid-January. The reports indicated the horses didn't have adequate hay or food.

Deputies contacted the owner of the horses, who is identified as 55-year-old Sean Legault of rural South Wayne. Authorities began to monitor the feeding of the horses, telling Legault he needed to increase feedings.

Deputies say the remains of a horse were found in the pasture where the horses were kept on February 10. Legault was taken into custody and booked on charges related to failure to properly dispose of an animal carcass. He was released form jail and monitoring of his animal feeding practices continued.

During later visits, deputies determined the horses still lacked enough food. A equine veterinarian also determined the animals suffered from neglect.

A warrant was obtained February 19, allowing authorities to seize the horses. Eleven were seized that day, with another horse expected to be seized February 20.

Legault has been formally charged with animal neglect and failing to properly dispose of the animal carcass. He is due in court next Monday.