The City of Madison has been under a constant barrage of light snow in recent days.  The forecast is about another half inch to one inch of snow by 7am today.  Today’s snow, along with other small accumulations has pushed out total about 3.5 inches in the last week. Because of this snow buildup the City of Madison will be plowing all residential streets starting at 7 am today.  Staff feels this four day
accumulation of snow warrants a general plowing.  However, we will not be
declaring a snow emergency.

The City of Madison will be plowing all residential streets today beginning at 7am, when the snow is forecasted to come to an end or at least the accumulating portion of the snow will end. At that time, we will deploy approximately 175 pieces of equipment to plow the 1742 lane miles of streets in the City. We are hoping that the plowing will be completed by 7 pm this evening.

We have been applying salt to our main streets in order to open them up for the morning commute, however the snow could cause problems during the morning commute; we do have some slippery spots. Drive carefully; drive slowly and brake early and you should give yourself time to stop.