ALERT: Madison Water Utility is advising residents in specific east side neighborhoods to flush their taps. An equipment malfunction at a well Leo Drive resulted in a higher-than-normal amount of chlorine to be added into the distribution system. While the chlorine levels still fall within state and federal allowable amounts, we are asking residents to flush their basement cold water taps for 10 minutes as a precaution. The following neighborhoods may be affected:

Milwaukee Street south to East Buckeye Road between Stoughton Rd. & Meadowlark Dr. This includes the areas of Onyx Park and Acewood Park.

East Buckeye Road south to Pflaum between Stoughton Rd. & the interstate. This includes the Orlando Bell Park and East Buckeye neighborhoods.

The well has been shut down until equipment repairs can be made. We are currently flushing water mains in the area to clear the water from our system.