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I've been throwing up since last night. This is turning my stomach," said Marc Watts, owner of the family run golf course in Middleton

Tumbledown Trails Golf Course is a family run business in Middleton, now receiving national attention because of a controversial ad offering nine holes for $9.11 on 9/11.

"We just try to come up with a way that we could remember and honor these people," said Watts.

The phone's been ringing off the hook, dozens of messages left, hundreds of comments on their Facebook page calling it "tasteless," "offensive," and "outrageous."

"Maybe it wasn't the best way to do it, alright, I'll take the blame for that," said Watts.

Watts even received a death threat.

"They're calling and threatening the course and telling me they're going to kill me," said Watts. "What has society come to?"

Watts says he never meant to offend anyone.

"I can't even imagine what some of these families had to go through, but to be treated like this, to think I would do something like this for shear profit, it's unacceptable and it just kills me," said Watts.

Part of the reason he's so surprised is that this promotion isn't new. They've had the same one the last two years. Until now, response was good.

"People said this is a wonderful way to remember them. This is great," said Watts.

"I can't imagine people being angry at a commemorative day," said golfer, Sue Fraser.

Regular golfers at the course view it differently.

"It's a kindness and good will, and that kind of feeling that's I think that's what should be seen in this act. We're behind him 100%" said golfer Jan Anderzon.

"We'll make this better somehow," said Watts.

Tumbledown Trails golf contemplated not opening on Wednesday because of safety, but Watts says shutting down would be a disservice to his customers. There will be deputies nearby.