Officials in Sauk County say one person was sent to the hospital after crashing into a house off of Highway 136 near Baraboo. The crash appears to have happened at a high rate of speed, according to Baraboo Fire Department Chief Kevin Stieve, who also called the crash an "unfortunate event". The Chief also attributed dense fog to the accident, but said it wasn't quite clear exactly why the car crashed. Stieve added that two people were inside the house when it happened, but both of them walked away without any injuries. The homeowner, Jon Hillmer, woke up after hearing the impact. "I don't even know if they got ejected, I mean you could tell it was a high rate of speed because [the driver] cleared the mound system about 60 feet," Hillmer said. Hillmer and the other occupant of the home will be staying somewhere else until the house is fixed. As of now there is no word on the extent of the driver's injuries or if alcohol played a role.