UDPATE 2/08/2014: Two men have now been charges with felonies for the theft of the violin. Forty-one year old Salah Salahadyn and 36-year old Universal Allah were in Milwaukee County Court on Friday. Bond for Salahadyn was set at $10, 000 and $500 for Allah.




UPDATE 2/06/2014:

Milwaukee Police believe they have found the Stradivarius violin, missing for a week and a half. Experts will be contacted to verify the authenticity of the instrument.


MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Milwaukee County prosecutors say three people have been arrested in connection with the theft of a multi-million dollar Stradivarius violin stolen from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster.

 Assistant District Attorney Kent Lovern said Wednesday he couldn't reveal any information beyond the arrests. He says he doesn't expect a charging decision to be made before Thursday.

Police say the nearly 300-year-old violin was on loan to concertmaster Frank Almond. Authorities say a robber used a stun gun on Almond and took the instrument from him in a parking lot of Wisconsin Lutheran College, where he had just performed Jan. 27.

 The violin has been appraised at $5 million.

 An anonymous source recently offered $100,000 for the safe return of the violin.