On 07/25/13, Officers from the Monona Police Department were called to 211 Owen Road, Monona, for a fraud complaint.  Staff and family there advised that a 93 year old male resident has been giving money to a young female that he just met a few days ago.  

The female also was in possession of the resident’s Lexus automobile.  With assistance from the police, the victim was able to call the suspect and convince her to return his vehicle.  On her arrival she was immediately detained and interviewed.

The suspect was identified as Marcie J. Saye; a 25 year old female from Rio, WI. Saye initially met the victim in the Monona Walgreens parking lot.  She told the victim that she was having problems with her vehicle and also needed gas money. Over a two day period, she was able to obtain over a thousand dollars and the use of the victim’s vehicle. 

Saye was arrested for two Felony charges of theft for financially exploiting an elder, misdemeanor damage to property and two misdemeanor counts of bail jumping.  Saye was taken to the Dane County Jail.

On 7/23/13, at approximately 8 pm, information was received that a male white wearing a white shirt and a female white in a black tank top had pulled into the Walgreens lot at the corner of Monona Drive and Pflam, in an older pickup truck and were asking people for money.  If anyone has additional information on the male or the truck, please contact the Monona Police Department at (608) 222-0463.