Grant Co. deputies say a deputy and K9 were involved in a crash between a squad car and another vehicle Tuesday afternoon.

It happened on Highway 80 at Clifton Road around 3:00 p.m. that day.

Authorities say Deputy Hottenstein was nearing the intersection with Clifton Rd. when a van driven by Betty Martin pulled out from the stop sign.

Deputy Hottenstein tried to avoid a collusion, but was hit.

K9 Diego was in the kennel of the squad, and got thrown forward. He suffered a small cut and sprained leg.

Deputy Hottenstein suffered a wrist injury and other bumps and bruises. He checked on the people in the other vehicle, then began directing traffic until help arrived.

Martin was not injured. A 3-year-old in the car suffered a large bump on the head, and was taken by family to be checked on elsewhere.

Martin was cited for failure to yield from a stop sign.

K9 Diego was taken to a pet hospital for further evaluation.