04/28/2014 UPDATE: Winners announced from 3rd Annual Grilled Cheese Championship

Below are the Official Results from this year's competition, with the first place recipes:

Amateur Classic:

1st - John Christiansen

2nd - Mark Landgraf

3rd - Lauren Powers

Winning Recipe: Mushroom Compound Butter & Carr Valley Cheese Black Sheep Truffle Cheese

Professional Classic:

1st - Katherine Tonn

2nd - Jacqueline Singleton

3rd - Christine Pieper

Winning Recipe: Cranberry, Jalepeno Cheddar - Beechwood; White Cheddar/Cranberry Bread; Butter

Amateur Classic Plus One:

1st (Tie) - John Christiansen & Zach Washa

3rd - Jessica Lueck

Winning Recipe(s): (John) Butter, Sendicks Muenster; Parsnip, Pomegranate Glaze; Grated Carr Valley Cave Aged Mellage (on top) (Zach) Gruyere, "Sweet Pepper Jalapeno" Jam, Sourdough bread

Professional Classic Plus One:

1st - Lindsey O'Brein

2nd(Tie) - Glen Chism & Jacqueline Singleton

Winning Recipe: Carr Valley Casa Bolo Mellage; Tomato, Bacon & Fig Jam; Sourdough Bread

Young Chef:

1st- Jayden O'Dell

2nd - Melanie Bisbach

3rd - Jalene Pierick

Winning Recipe: Homemade Whole Grain Bread, Westby Extra Sharp Cheddar, Nordic Creamery Garlic Basil Butter (Classic Entry)

Amateur Classic Plus Extras:

1st - John Christiansen

2nd - Emma Witzke

3rd - John Washa

Winning Recipe: Bacon Compound Butter; Dofino Creamy Havarti, Andouille, Sausage, Mettwurst, Bratwurst, Italian Bacon, Seasonings: Onions, Celery, Garlic, Peppers, Cayenne, Pepper

Professional Classic Plus Extras:

1st - Kelly Barnes

2nd - Christine Zimmerman

3rd - TJ Thering

Winning Recipe: Cultured Butter, Classic Madison Sourdough, Quina & Apple Fig Black Tea Preserves, Saxon Glacial Ridge, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Montamore Cheese, Duck Comfit, Pancetta, Black River Gorgonzola Cheese

Amateur Classic Dessert:

1st - John Christiansen

2nd - Cynthia Devroy

3rd - Brenda Piantino

Winning Recipe: Carr Valley Sweet Cordona, Butter, Powdered Sugar, Craisins, Marinated in Cream Sherry, Vanilla Beans, Chocolate Syrup, Raspberries

Professional Classic Dessert:

1st - Tina Tonn

2nd - Jacqueline Singleton

3rd - Adam Devens

Winning Recipe: Fresh Gouda, Pepper Havarti, Bacon, Almond Kringle, Slivered Toasted Almonds, Cranberry Almond Bread





Bread, butter, cheese. It's a classic combination for one of America's favorite sandwiches-- the grilled cheese.

Sunday in Dodgeville, the melted dish was taken to another level for the third annual Wisconsin Cheese Championship.

More than 120 people compete to make the best grilled cheese in different categories, and that means getting creative.

"We've seen a dill cheddar, we've seen artichokes and avocados," said Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce executive director, Bob Berglin.

For chef Glen Chism, it was a bit overwhelming at first.

"I had nightmares of so many different kinds of cheese to chose from," said chef Glen Chism. "I originally come from Oklahoma where Kraft single was considered the gourmet cheese."

And now Chism's been experimenting with Wisconsin's finest.

"Lots of flavor grass fed dairy and grass fed cheese definitely has more aroma and flavors" said Chism.

For his sandwich, it came down to Gouda and baking his own bread.

"Cheese and the affect that it has on the economy here, it's huge," said

Lorin Toepper created the event three years ago as a way to celebrate what Wisconsin's known for.

"The fact that we get to highlight some of what's going on in that industry and let people know what great producers and what great cheese we have here in the state and have a highlight on that is great," said Berglin.

"This is Wisconsin this is what Wisconsin's all about, and grilled cheese is awesome."