Incident Type


Incident Date

12/24/2013 - 1:00 AM


725 S. Gammon Road (Woodman's)


Shacole Gailette Burks, 30-year-old female of Madison, WI
CHARGES: Battery, Theft & Probation Violation


54-year-old male of Columbus, WI


Police responded to Woodman's Grocery Store, and the nature of this call started as a theft. Responding officers were updated by The 911 Center that employees were now being punched by the suspect.  Officers arrived, and contacted the suspect, Shacole Burks. After speaking with store officials, they determined that five bags of groceries were wheeled out of the store without payment.  Burks had loaded the bags into a vehicle, when she was contacted by store officials about not having paid for the items. The 54-year-old Woodman's employee attempted to communicate with Burks, but as the groceries were taken out of the car, Burks started swearing and becoming confrontational.  She then struck the 54-year-old male, in front of another Woodman's employee.

Police spoke with the intoxicated Burks, and she told the officer to verify her paid transaction by calling a Toll-Free number on back of the card. The officer did so, and determined that no recent transaction, for the five bags of groceries, was ever reflected on that particular account. Burks had no credible explanation for this Christmas Eve debacle, nor did she have any memory of the battery incident in the parking lot.  Officers took Burks into custody on all charges listed.