In Madison you could say there is a lot of traffic. Next week, you may be able to see a little more.

Bridge deck replacements at the intersection of I-39 and US-151 could begin as early as next week.

If weather permits, the Department of Transportation plans to begin construction next Monday.

It's the intersection near East Towne Mall.

Bob Lex from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is the project manager.

He says they'll be working on one side at a time, and move traffic over to the side they aren't working on.

Recommended detours seem long. If you're coming from the Wisconsin Dells on your way to Sun Prairie, for example, you're recommended to get off on US-51, merge onto WI-30, then back on to I-39 and eventually on to US-151.

Another example: If you're coming from Janesville on your way to East Towne Mall, the detour would recommend you to take I-39 all the way up to Reiner Road before turning back around in the correct direction.

Lex calls it a suggested detour. "This is for trucks, obviously locals will use other routes," he said.

According to Lex, it's work that needs to be done. He explained that bridges like the ones at this specific intersection have a life span of about 30 years.

During the day, there will be three lanes open, and during the night, construction may merge it down to just one lane. At no time during the construction will all lanes be closed.

Lex did say that there will be split and more narrow lanes, reduced speed limits, and the need to watch for workers.

Large construction projects like this one require years of planning. If everything goes well, Lex says the construction will done in August.