06/02/2014 UPDATE: Authorities believe lab fumes were the source of what sickened the students in Muscoda on Friday.


MUSCODA, Wis. (AP) _ School officials say a possible gas leak sickened several students and prompted an evacuation at Riverdale High School in Muscoda.

At least 17 students were taken to a Richland Center hospital Friday afternoon, while others complained of dizziness and nausea.

The problem happened midday. Administrative assistant Carol Kratochwill says that school officials aren't really sure what happened.

Muscoda firefighters and police officers went to the high school when the students started getting sick.The students who fell ill were in two classrooms, one for biology, the other for chemistry.

Kratochwill says all high school students were taken to the elementary/middle school building about a block away.

The high school serves about 150 students.