UPDATE: 11/23/2013:

The jury has reached a verdict in the retrial of Chad Chritton. He has been found guilty on three of the four counts he was facing.

Chritton was found guilty on one count on 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety, guilty on one count intentional child abuse, and guilty on causing mental harm to a child. He was found not guilty on one count false imprisonment.

The judge revoked his bail and Chritton was immediately taken into custody afterwards.

His sentencing will be announced at a later date.


UPDATE: 11/22/2013

A jury is now deliberating the case against Chad Chritton, the 42 year old Madison man being retried on felony charges of torturing and starving his daughter.

The jury got the case just after 2 p.m.Thursday. Around 9:30 p.m., jurors indicated in a note that they couldn't agree on a verdict on the reckless endangerment charge and moved on to a lessor offense, where it was one vote short of being unanimous.

Back in March, a jury deadlocked on four felony counts against Chritton.


A Madison  man accused of locking his teenage daughter in the basement and starving her says the girl suffered from behavioral problems.

42-year-old Chad Chritton testified Wednesday that he once woke up to find his daughter standing over his bed with a steak knife.

Chritton says he tried to get her psychological help but no one could give him any satisfactory answers.

A jury convicted Chritton of felony child neglect in March, acquitted him of a misdemeanor neglect charge and deadlocked on four other counts, including false imprisonment and child abuse. Prosecutors decided to retry him on those charges. The new trial began Nov. 12.

Chritton didn't testify in his first trial.


11/14/2013 UPDATE:


The daughter of a Madison man, being retried on charges of abusing her, took the stand Wednesday at the Dane County Courthouse.

Nearly 2 years ago, the girl...then 15....weighed just 68 pounds. She says her father, 42 year old Chad Chritton, and her stepmother physically abused her, denied her food and kept her in a locked basement. When let out for chores, she would sneak food, but was disciplined when caught.

The girl testified that she was made to strip naked. During her testimony Wednesday, the girl collapsed but was able to take the stand again after a break.

Defense attorneys have indicated that they don't plan to prove that Chad Chritton was a good parent, just that his conduct fell short of criminal.


The retrial is underway at the Dane County Courthouse for a Madison man, accused of starving and torturing his teenage daughter. A jury was drawn Monday, while testimony began on Tuesday in the case against 42-year-old Chad Chritton.

During opening arguments Tuesday, Dane County District Attorney ishmael Ozanne told jurors that Chritton's daughter was sneaking out of a locked basement where she was kept, and eating food out of garbage cans.

When found nearly two years ago, on Feb. 6, 2012, the 15-year-old girl weighed just 68 pounds and was wearing just a nightgown and no shoes outside. She says she was made to live in filthy conditions in the basement and was denied food.

The defense claims that Chritton's daughter was a "challenged child" who posed harm to herself and others. Attorney Jessa Nicholson says Chritton tried as hard as he could, but wasn't perfect. Nicholson adds it's not a crime to fail.

Chritton's wife, and the girl's stepmother, pleaded no contest to charges earlier this year. Melinda Drabeck-Chritton was sentenced to five years in prison.

Back in March, a jury deadlocked on four felony charges against Chad Chritton. He was found guilty on one felony count of child neglect and acquitted on a misdemeanor count of child neglect.