One adult and one child were transported to UW Hospital for possible smoke inhalation following a kitchen fire on Madison's West side Thursday afternoon.

They say around 3:30 pm, the City of Madison Fire Department responded to 50 S. Gammon Road for a fire in a second floor apartment. A resident of the 8-unit apartment complex called 911 after they heard a smoke detector and noticed smoke in the hallway.

Crews first arriving on the scene saw smoke coming from a second story window. Upon entering building, firefighters encountered smoke throughout the hallway and witnessed several occupants exiting the building.

As firefighters were getting ready to enter an apartment on the second floor, a person bolted out of the apartment and collapsed at the top of the stairs. Firefighters assisted her to the ambulance. A young child who was home during the fire was found safe outside. Both were transported to UW hospital and are expected to be treated and released later today. A second child lives in the home, but was in school at the time of the fire.

Firefighters made sure the fire was out and conducted a thorough search of the building. Crews wanted to be sure everyone evacuated safely, since school was just released.

Investigators say the fire, which started in the kitchen, caused $10,000 in damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.