UPDATED Tuesday, June 24, 2014 ---

A Madison man is in custody after police say he secretly took multiple photos of a female shopper at Woodman's on Milwaukee Street.

The victim told police the man, 38-year-old Ryan Przedwiecki, was kneeling down next to her as though he was looking at something on the bottom shelf.

“Then she realized that he had the camera basically underneath her skirt, taking a photo,” said Madison Police Public Information Officer Joel DeSpain.

The victim hit the man over the head with a box of produce she was holding, and he walked out of the store, DeSpain said.

Since 2008, Przedwiecki has been arrested five separate times for taking “upskirt” photos of women at various local stores including Hy-Vee, Shopko and Marshalls.

In the past, he's faced charges of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to a maximum of one year in jail with each conviction. He was also ordered each time not to possess a camera or cell phone with camera capabilities.

This time, due to the nature of the photos, he faces charges of representations depicting nudity with no knowledge or consent.

“I guess it doesn't matter where you are anymore, things can happen,” said Woodman's shopper Cherie Rogers-Neupert.

The manager at Woodman's told NBC15 that Przedwiecki has been banned from the store, and if he returns in the future, he'll face trespassing charges.

DeSpain said this behavior is uncommon in Madison, but he encourages people to remember to be aware of their surroundings while shopping.

“What you've really got to have is situational awareness,” he said. “Just be aware and call attention if something like this does happen to you.”


Madison Police arrested a man for allegedly taking “upskirt” photos of a woman at a grocery store Friday night.

The woman hit the man with a box of food after she caught him taking the photo at the Woodman's on Milwaukee St.

The man fled before police arrived. Officers looked at surveillance video and saw the man taking two photos of the victim. One officer recognized the man as a person who has been a suspect in a number of similar cases in the past.

Police went to the home of 38-year-old Ryan Przedwiecki Saturday afternoon and arrested him. He denied being involved in case