Incident Type

Intoxicated/Impaired Driver

Incident Date

12/23/2013 - 11:50 AM


Hwy 12 @ S. Whitney Way


Christopher L. Eddy, 51-year-old male of Madison, WI
CHARGES: Hit & Run and Operating While Intoxicated -6th Offense


62-year-old female of Madison, WI


Officers responded to an area near Hwy 12 and S. Whitney Way, reference a rear end accident, and the suspect having fled the scene in a blue Chevy Tahoe. Officers contacted the 62-year-old female victim, and after assessing whether or not injuries were sustained, they began to canvass the area; in search of the suspect. A witness followed the suspect to the area of Old Sauk Road, and immediately relayed that information to The Dane County 911 Center. Officers located  the suspect, Christopher Eddy,  at a nearby hotel.

It was readily apparent that alcohol had been consumed by Eddy, based on the strong odor that officers reported, but one glass of wine was all that Eddy would admit to having consumed on this particular day. An inspection of Eddy's Chevy Tahoe, with Steel bumper and matching license plates, all pointed to Eddy's involvement in the hit & run accident, and his inevitable arrest for operating while intoxicated. This incident was to be added to the five previous OWI convictions, and a reported blood alcohol content of .21 was also recorded as well. The witness did an outstanding job in this scenario of obtaining quality information, and helping officers locate an individual who should not have been operating any vehicle in his condition.