We are expecting a total accumulation of snow of around 4"- 6" in the Madison area.

Streets crews were dispatched as soon as the snow begins and we will be salting and plowing the main arterials, main connector streets, Madison Metro Bus routes and areas around the hospitals throughout the duration of the storm. We will also have a couple of trucks dedicated to sand to help with immediate slippery conditions. The Streets Division will have 30 trucks working when the storm starts. We will add 30 more trucks if needed to keep the main streets open.

We hope to be able to keep main roads in good driving condition, but the timing of the snowfall could make the morning and evening commute difficult. Remember to allow extra, stopping distance and use caution when approaching intersections.

Remember that we must first reach 3" of accumulation and the storm must be either over or just about completed before we start the residential plowing operations.