Madison police arrested a half-naked 28 year old man, who admittedly had taken Ecstasy and wound up in a strangers car...which he was trying to start with a tube of lipstick. This happened last night in the buckeye parking lot on Gorham street . The man realized he wasnt wearing pants...or even where he was. He told police he thought he was in Waukesha and that the car belonged to his girlfriend. 



 A night out with friends in downtown Madison ended strangely for a Verona woman as she returned to her car to find a stranger in the front seat, clad only in a t-shirt. The 27-year old victim was coming back to a W. Gorham St. parking lot at the same time police were arriving. Officers had been dispatched after a witness saw the suspect walking in the lot, checking door handles. When he got inside the victim's car, the witness saw him take off his trousers and recline the seat. When officers ordered the man out, he initially did not seem to realize he was naked from the waist down. He then remembered his pants were still inside the car. Officers had him put them back on, and he was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. He told police he thought the car belonged to his girlfriend, and at first he thought he was in Waukesha. The victim says it also appears he tried to start the car with lipstick as there was lipstick smeared all over the ignition. When the man learned of all of this, he was very embarrassed. He said he had taken some ecstasy pills earlier in the day.