Incident Type


Incident Date

01/05/2014 - 4:00 AM


200 block of S Carroll St


So what goes on in the City of Madison during these frigid nights?  The streets are more desolate as the cold keeps people inside; however there is work to be done and the men and women of the Madison Police Department do not postpone that work due to a little cold.  While the City of Madison slept, the following gives a snapshot of what officers did overnight:

-contacted the homeless to offer them shelter
-responded to "assist citizen" calls for service for those walking or stranded in the streets
-checked on strayed animals
-serviced alarm calls
-shook their heads at college kids roaming from bar to bar with little warm clothing
-pondered "what would mom say" about such roaming
-helped with crashes on the roadways
-preserved the peace
-assisted those with medical issues
-found a moment to warm up
-investigated fireworks complaints. . . clearly not the 4th of July type weather
-performed training exercises
-all other duties which helped keep us warm and the city safe