MADISON, Wis.--- The Madison police officers involved in the deadly shooting of Ashley Dipiazza have been cleared of any criminal charges by the Dane County District Attorney.

A news release from the D.A.'s office says the officers were "compelled to use deadly force when faced with a suspect armed with a firearm not responding to commands."

Officers involved in the shooting are Justin Bailey who joined the MPD in May 2009 and Gary Pihlaja who joined the MPD in May 2008.

The shooting happened on May 18th in an apartment on 1121 MacArthur Rd. Officers went there on a domestic call.

The news release says Dipiazza was in the apartment with a gun. A hostage negotiator arrived and asked Dipiazza multiple times to come out of a bedroom unarmed.

Dipiazza eventually did come out of the bedroom with a handgun pointed at her head. Officers told her to drop the gun repeatedly. Information provided to NBC 15 News by the D.A. shows Dipiazza did not drop the gun.

When Dipiazza did not drop the gun officers shot her. She died at the scene. The gun Dipiazza was holding was loaded.