On Sunday, July 14th, a Madison Police officer responded to Elmside Boulevard after someone reported seeing a "small black suitcase."

The woman indicated that she "tried to move the suitcase, but found that it was kind of heavy." So she called police, thinking that the case might be suspicious. Upon arrival, the office attempted to lift the case, and she too found it heavier than expected upon seeing it.

The officer then opened the case to inspect the contents and presumably determine whether or not this package was as suspicious as first thought.

The following is an excerpt from the Incident Report: [read the full report at www.cityofmadison.com]:

"She opened the case, and did not quickly spot any Blues Brothers, but marveled at nearly 40 other cassette tapes: some mixed and some original copies. It was a true treasure trove, at least for those with the appropriate discerning ears, and the responding officer had two.

"As a child of the 1980's, I immediately recognized the possible significance of this case to the individual who misplaced it." She could see some Slash, They Might Be Giants, Jane's Addiction among so many others.

"As I was examining the musical selection, a family of three (including a 4-year old girl) walked toward me." The officer explained what was going on, held up one of the oldies but goodies to the child, and asked if she knew what this was? "A mixed tape!" shouted the youngster as her parents "beamed with pride." The officer knew they were "instructing her in the finer things in life."

The officer went door to door in the neighborhood seeing if anyone knew of someone missing such a wonderful musical briefcase. No one did, so she secured the valued collection in an evidence locker.

Perhaps the owner is out somewhere, putting a band back together."

Read the full incident report here.