Madison Police arrested a man Tuesday afternoon following a road rage incident on the beltline.

A Stoughton woman said she believed a man was following her too closely during rush-hour traffic, so she tapped her brakes to try and get him to back off.

She tells officers the man responded by passing her and slamming on his brakes.

She says after that, she tried to drive away from him by changing lanes, but he kept with her and swerved at her car.

His truck eventually hit her car, shattering her driver's side window.

The two drivers, along with a witness, pulled off at Todd Dr.

The man told police he was trying to escort the woman off the freeway because he thought she was trying to kill him by hitting the brakes.

The woman and the independent witness told police otherwise.

Police arrested 40-year-old Aaron Cavanah on a tentative charge of 2nd Degree Reckless Endangering Safety.

The woman suffered small cuts on her arms from the shards of her window glass.