McFarland Police say a girl who was thought to be in trouble has been found safe in Florida, and the case has been closed.

A witness saw the girl in the backseat of a vehicle at a Citgo Gas Station Friday night, possibly nude or putting on clothes.

Police responded for a welfare check and began searching for the car and a man seen in surveillance images.

McFarland officers say Florida police have contacted the girl, who was at no time in any apparent danger.

The case is now closed.

MCFARLAND - McFarland Police are looking for a man who may be suspected of kidnapping or endangering a teenage girl.

A witness said a nude or partially clothed teenage girl was seen in the backseat of his white Volkswagen Passat with a California license plate Friday night at the Citgo gas station on the 4000-block of Terminal Drive. The girl appeared to be between the ages of 13 and 16, with long blonde hair.

Witnesses also say there was another adult female sitting in the front seat of the car.

A photo of the man, taken at the gas station has been released. McFarland Police are investigating the incident in an attempt to check the health and welfare of the young girl.

Anyone with information should call 608-838-3151.