Nathan Middleton was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years in prison for mutilating and then burning the body of Aprina Paul at his home in Evansville. 

Middleton told the court during the hearing that he was sorry and didn't mean to hurt Paul in any way. His attorney had asked for a sentence of 12 years or less.

Authorities say the 18 year old Fitchburg woman's remains were burned in a pit behind Middleton's home in October of 2013. They had met through a Craigslist ad, and Middleton told police that Paul took drugs and the two had sex at his home. He says she was dead when he woke up the next morning, then disposed of her body.

Middleton's attorney explained that Middleton had panicked when he found Paul dead and feared his probation was at risk. 

When giving the sentence, the judge said he robbed Paul's mother of an opportunity to say goodbye to her daughter and to properly bury her.