Some passengers on board Delta Flight 385 call the experience of their plane sliding off the runway 'exciting.'

Denise Penn and her co-worker Becky Burr flew into the Dane County Regional Airport for a work-related trip Monday. They were on the 737 plane that made national headlines when it had trouble taxiing because of the snow. Despite the attention, the Kansas natives say it wasn't a big deal to them.

"It was more exciting than your normal airplane," Penn said. "And all of the lights outside, and wondering what was going to happen. Do we have to use the slide?"

Penn said buses came to pick up the passengers while emergency crews assessed the situation.

"Within really 20 minutes of it happening we were in the terminal waiting on our bags," she said. Now they're just waiting for their other co-worker to arrive, who was also flying into Madison Monday night.

"He's delayed because of all this," Penn said. "He was rerouted to Minneapolis instead of coming straight here from Atlanta."

Meanwhile, a car was struck by a train after getting stuck in heavy traffic on the tracks on John Nolen Dr and Olin Avenue. Luckily, no injuries were reported but John Nolen was shut down for about 20 minutes, causing more delays in an already hectic commute.

Motorists encountered a slower commute Tuesday morning, but no major problems reported.

Just after 3 a.m. Tuesday, Dane County did report a one car rollover on Highway 14 near Mazomanie. The driver was pinned, but the injuries are not believe to be life threatening.