Because of the prolonged cold weather and amount of underground frost, the City of Monona Water Utility is asking its residential and commercial customers to run one (1) COLD water faucet at a continuous stream of water about the size of a pencil until further notice. A continuous flow of water will help keep water service lines from freezing. Customers will not be billed for the additional water and sewer usage during this time.


Because of the prolonged cold weather, underground frost is currently at a depth of approximately five feet, which is below the level of many water service lines in the City. The City is seeing an increase in the amount of service lines which are freezing between the water main and homes or commercial buildings. Because of this increase, the City may not be able to respond in a timely manner to requests to thaw frozen lines.


The City will notify water customers through local media when it is safe to turn their water off.


Customers who use water periodically throughout a 24-hour day, including during the overnight hours, 7 days per week, do not need to run a continuous stream. All other customers should run a continuous stream.


For more information please visit, or call Monona City Hall at 222-2525.