Incident Type


Incident Date

05/13/2013 - 4:11 PM


7401 West Towne Way (Kohl's)


Lonye D. Howell, age 21, Stoughton
Mr. Howell was arrested for Retail Theft - 2 counts, and Bail Jumping - 2 counts.

Staci C. Howell, age 40, Stoughton
Ms. Howell was cited for Obstructing.


His mother was the getaway car driver and he was the thief. Little did he know a local group of private security experts already had him on their radar.

So, when the 21-year old Stoughton man cut the security tag off a pair of shoes, and tucked them in his waistband, a loss prevention officer inside West Towne's Kohl's store was watching. The Kohl's employee had already called the MPD, and a police officer was outside yesterday afternoon, using binoculars to keep tabs from a distance.

He saw the suspect come running, with loss prevention officers on his heels. The officer also spotted a woman in a white Pontiac attempting to parallel the fleeing man.

The Stoughton mother later admitted she was trying to get her son into the car so he could escape. She was cited for obstructing.

Her son was found to have a wire cutter and other tools in his pockets.

He was also arrested for the theft of a portable sound system. It was taken from the Lien Rd. Target store on May 9th.

The Madison Area Loss Prevention Association (MALPA) helped a Target loss prevention officer identify the suspect after his image was captured on surveillance video. MALPA provides security staff at area retail stores the ability to share suspect information with each other, and with police.

The arresting officer in the West Towne case was aware of the connection to the earlier retail theft, and he took the suspect into custody for both crimes.