Posted, Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 ---

Normally they fight fires, but today they're fighting poverty. The Firefighters Local 311 are raising money to buy children in Dane County school supplies. Collecting funds for the charity, School Supplies for Kids.

The charity started in one neighborhood 20 years ago that has now expanded throughout the county, and is run by Vogel Brothers Building Co.

The firefighters presented the charity with a $25,000 check today.

Both groups say it's worth their efforts to see these children with the supplies they need.

"We just want to alleviate some of that pressure and hopefully make one child or two child's or 100 child's school year that much better," says Local 311 president, Mahlon Mitchell.

"It's really exciting to team again with the 311 and support a school that's really in our local neighborhood," says Peter Vogel.

The charity had a goal to raise $55,000 this year, about $10,000 more than last year. But donations are only at about $20,000 right now.