Incident Type

Arrested Person

Incident Date

12/27/2013 - 12:23 AM


2513 Seiferth Road


Mitchell A. Hollingsworth, 53-year-old male of Madison, WI
CHARGES: Disorderly Conduct, Resisting/Obstructing An Officer & Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia


Knuckle Down Saloon


Police responded to The Knuckle Down Saloon reference a disturbance involving an unruly patron. Officers were immediately directed towards Mitchell Hollingsworth, who was sitting on the ground inside the bar. The officer wanted to assist Hollingsworth up to his feet, but was immediately met with threats to kill the officer; as Hollingsworth tried to pull the officer down to the ground. Hollingsworth then started to struggle with the officers, and refused to cooperatively place his hands behind his back; but they finally managed to get him in handcuffs.

The 47-year old complainant described Hollingsworth as initially complimentary, and even talked about how he really enjoyed the blues-type music that was being played by the performing band. Shortly thereafter, Hollingsworth moved up to the stage, took off his clothing, and tried to grasp the band's microphone on stage. Bar employees intervened, and Hollingsworth started growling and put his fists up; as if he wanted to fight. Employees attempted to communicate with Hollingsworth, but he continued his antics, and even made threats to kill a bar employee. They had no other alternative but to physically remove the partially clothed Hollingsworth from the bar. As officers conveyed Hollingsworth to The Dane County Jail, he kicked the door, and banged his head on the protective shield of the squad car. Officers did locate drug paraphernalia on Hollingsworth before he was turned over to jail officials.