Here's a traffic alert to pay attention to heading into the weekend.

The Wisconsin DOT says you should expect heavy traffic and delays across the entire state. Major events and construction zones are all factors.

Along with state travel advisories, there's a big picture warning for all drivers on the first day of the busiest and deadliest travel month.

"We've done up, gone up north. Actually that's where we're heading right now," said Heather Thorpe from Madison.

There's the state fair, packers family day, and family time.

"With school getting ready to start pretty soon. a lot of people are taking their vacations," said Wisconsin State Trooper Chris Splinter.

Don't forget, drivers. Construction hasn't ended either.

"There's a lot of construction going on right now which does restrict traffic," said Trooper Splinter.

More cars, and more orange cones may mean it's more likely to hear some horn honking.

"People do tend to lose their temper a little bit, and we ask for their pateince. We try to clear the scenes as quickly as we can," said Trooper Splinter.

And what you may want to watch out for just as much as lane splits and shifts, is other drivers.

That's what people were most worried about when NBC 15 interviewed them about travel conditions Friday afternoon.

"Ahh, bad drivers," said Daniel Weiner from Atlanta, Georgia.

"I get worreid when people are doing lane shifts when they're not supposed to be doing lane shifts," said Thorpe.

"They're not paying attention...they're on their cell phone or," said Dick Kalnicky from Madison.

There's an easy and simple way to play it safe.

"Slow down, ncrease your following distance, buckle up and please don't drink and drive," said Trooper Splinter.

If avoiding an accident isn't enough reason to slow down -- here's one.

The state patrol are doing what they call the I-90, I-94 challenge.

Troopers are looking for speeders, drunk drivers and all of you not wearing seatbelts, and they're ticketing those who aren't following the rules of the road this weekend.

If you're headed on a long road trip, know this is happening in all 15 states that host the two highways all weekend.