Madison Police have arrested and charged two people in the investigation into a rash of downtown bar thefts.

26-year-old Rodney Harris Jr. and 21-year-old Angelena Birt face several counts, including theft, specifically for taking two smart phones from State Street Brats in the early morning hours of July 21.

A 23-year old man said his phone was taken out of his back pocket. A 23-year old woman said a man grabbed at her wristlet like he wanted to dance. After she rebuffed him, she realized the wristlet had been unzipped and her new smart phone and her credit card were gone.

The two were identified thanks to bar surveillance video and other images captured at a gas station where suspects attempted to use the stolen credit card.

In a criminal complaint, one suspect said several thieves worked in concert with one another taking "more than 50 credit cards and wallets." The defendant said they typically sold stolen phones for $20 each.

"You can do it really fast, right in front of people and they don't even know it," one suspect is quoted in the criminal complaint.

Police are still investigating and are looking to arrest more suspects.