A new report finds that improvements are being made across the board in the Madison School District.

Chavez Elementary is a leading indicator of school improvement where reading proficiency is up 15% and math proficiency up 11%

The first annual report under new strategic framework shows elementary schools across the district with consistent improvements in all levels, particularly in reading and math in grade 5. There were improvements on some levels in middle and high school.

It's all under the first year of this improvement plan put in place by Madison Schools Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham that she says is backed with a support plan for individual schools.

She says as we continue raising student achievement we will continue narrowing education gaps.

Superintendent Cheatham even got choked up when talking about the improvements.

"We have families community members organization leads who are ready to help and our greatest asset, of course the 27,000 students we serve, which always makes me emotional. With urgency and tenacity, we will make our vision a reality," she says.

Now the focus shifts to the new school year where superintendent Cheatham says they'll continue implement the school improvement plan, but this year with focus groups and more support for struggling students, all based on the common core state standards.

She says to expect a new technology plan with student devices in 2015-16.

You can find the report here: https://www.madison.k12.wi.us/files/AnnualReport.pdf