UPDATED Thursday, June 19, 2014 ---

The Dane Co. Executive's Office says the estimated cost of damage to the county caused by storms earlier this week is more than $15 million.

Emergency Management's initial assessment estimates private damage to county businesses and homes at more than $10.6 million. 253 homes and 12 businesses were damaged. Nineteen homes reported major damage, with two homes destroyed beyond the point of repair.

Damage to public buildings and properties is estimated at more than $4.5 million. That includes the roughly $4 million in damage done to Country View Elementary School in Verona.

The county will provide its damage assessment to Wisconsin Emergency Management. The state must then decide if it will apply for federal assistance through FEMA.

If that request is made, FEMA will conduct its own damage assessment to determine Wisconsin’s eligibility for aid. The county says the entire process could take several weeks to complete.