The University of Wisconsin System's president says he thinks he can limit tuition increases over the next two years.

Gov. Scott Walker's 2013-2015 budget would provide the system with an additional $181.3 million dollars. System President Kevin Reilly said Friday that would enable him to recommend the Board of Regents limit tuition increases to 2 percent annually.

Base tuition across the system's four-year schools has risen 5.5 percent annually since the 2007-08 academic year. Increases have been steeper at schools that place additional tuition charges on students.

Reilly also announced he'll recommend reallocating $30 million to eliminate a waiting list for financial aid and offer more work-study positions. He also wants to invest $10 million in a program awarding credit for students' work experience and other knowledge they've already acquired.



UW students would enjoy a tuition freeze over the next two years, under a proposal in the state Legislature.

It’s authored by Whitewater Republican Steve Nass, "It really is bread and butter for moms and dads out there.  This is a middle class issue.  They are going to need help in paying for college in the future."

State Senator Glenn Grothman of West Bend says it’s a big issue, with Rebecca Blank coming on board as Chancellor of the Madison campus, "Well given her eagerness to raise tuition, and particularly to raise tuition on business students and students from families that apparently have more than average income, I think it's important that the legislature step up and put a tuition freeze on."

A 5.5% tuition cap that has been in place the past two years expires July 1st.