The Portage Historical Society says the cause of a fire at the Portage Museum is still unknown. "It could be electrical, it could be from lightning," said board of directors member Ted Rebholz. Rebholz says despite reports that a lightning strike started the fire, the fire inspector hasn't been out yet to determine the cause. He says the flames were mostly contained to the second floor conference room, "which is right above Zona Gale's study. And that's the most important part of this building, is her study because that's where she did a great amount of her writing from 1928-1938." Gale was a Pulitzer Prize author. Rebholz says there doesn't appear to be any fire or smoke damage to her study; only some water was found on the floor. "We're extremely fortunate that the Portage Fire Dept. responded very quickly," he said. There were no reports of any injuries