MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is still paying off debts associated with the 2011 election that nearly cost him his seat on the bench.

Finance records show the conservative justice's campaign owes about $200,000 to a Milwaukee law firm. Prosser's campaign manager says the debt comes from the cost of a statewide recount that came after a very close election.

Results initially showed Prosser beat challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by about 7,300 votes. Kloppenburg called for a statewide recount and both candidates raised and spent money to check county clerks' work. The recount confirmed Prosser's victory.

Records show the campaign has paid just $33,000 toward the debt since 2011. A super PAC associated with Prosser has recently received help from former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, who asked supporters for donations.