Listen for Weekend Wellness with SSM Health on Saturday from 10-11am, inside Ask The Experts. Each week, we'll discuss a new topic with a SSM Health physician who specializes in that area. You're encouraged to call in with questions or concerns related to the topic or anything you think of.

Future show topics may include:

    • allergies, hay fever, food allergies
    • Men's Health Month
    • migraines
    • cataracts/eye health
    • healthy 4th of July grilling/weight management
    • severe sports injuries
    • sun safety/skin and dermatology awareness
    • drug interactions/caring for patients with many prescriptions
    • immunization (childhood and college)
    • telemedicine/telestroke
    • back-to-school stress and anxiety
    • sports medicine/teens/football/fall sports/hockey
    • muscular dystrophy
    • health reform, health exchanges, open enrollment
    • breast cancer
    • preventive cardiology/blood pressure/heart diseases
    • knee and hip replacement
    • digestive health around the holidays
    • holiday weight gain
    • cold medication misconceptions (adults and kids)
    • depression, stress and anxiety at the holidays
    • multiple sclerosis
If there's a topic you're interested in, but don't see it listed above, email your suggestions to for inclusion in a future show.
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