Waukesha woman hit with an orange in downtown Madison

Report from Madison police:

Incident Type-Battery

Incident Date-01/21/2017 - 2:24 AM

Address-409 W. Gorham St. (Equinox apartment building)

Victim(s)Female, age 27 Waukesha

Details- A night of fun ended badly and painfully for a Waukesha woman who was in Madison visiting friends. She and another woman were crossing W. Gorham St.  around 2:25 a.m. when several young men yelled to them: " Watch out! Someone is throwing oranges and beer from a balcony." One pointed to upper floors of the Equinox apartment building. This caused the victim to instinctually tilt her head straight up, towards the sky. It was at that exact moment, a piece of fruit hit her in the nose. She heard a "crack" and knew immediately it was broken. When police arrived, her face was bloody and she was crying. There were around a dozen dented beer cans and an equal number of split oranges on the sidewalk. Officers entered the building but were unable to pinpoint from which apartment the fruit and cans were tossed.

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