Residential plowing in Madison on Tuesday

Following information from Madison's Streets Division:

The Streets Division will be plowing all residential streets in response to last night's snow storm. There is no declared snow emergency. The Streets Division would still prefer if residents did not park vehicles on the street, especially in the downtown/isthmus area, to help facilitate plowing.

While traveling throughout the city today, all roadway users are urged to use caution. Since the salt routes were maintained throughout the storm, the main streets will be in decent winter driving condition, but residential areas will likely be slick and snow covered. Please continue to make good choices while driving and riding, and be slow and safe on the roads today.

Also, since plow trucks will be out during the day, it is more likely you may encounter one in your travels, so be sure to leave plenty of room between your vehicle and theirs as work to keep the roads safe.

While the City of Madison did not reach three inches of snow on the roads, the Streets Division decided it was still in the City's interest to undertake a citywide plowing operation. The snow depth is close to the three-inch threshold in some parts of the city. And also this is another dense, wet snow. This type of snow becomes easily rutted with vehicle traffic. Additionally, temperatures are expected to plummet well below freezing in the coming days. Choosing to leave the streets unplowed would create roads with frozen ruts that would prove difficult for travel. With that in mind, the Streets Division decided it would be best to plow this snow.

Since this is not a declared snow emergency, contractors will not be used. This means the Streets Division will deploy 80 pieces of our own equipment to plow throughout the day. Not using contractors, and plowing during the day when there is more traffic, will result in a slower plowing, meaning it is expected to take between 18 to 20 hours until plowing concludes.

Since this is another wet, dense snow residents are reminded to be careful when shoveling this from their sidewalks and driveways. Also, since all city streets will be plowed curb-to-curb throughout the day, driveway aprons could be impeded by this dense snow by the time residents arrive home from work.

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