Immigrants from Madison take to the streets in Milwaukee march

MADISON (WKOW) -- Thousands of marchers lined the streets of Milwaukee on Monday to take part in the Day Without Latinos March. 

The protesters stretched for blocks, shutting down intersections and even lining bridges as they chanted "si se puede" meaning "yes, we can." Many of them were Latinos, but several immigrants from different backgrounds joined in. 

"A really amazing experience to see how people are united," said Grisel Tapia, a protester who traveled from Madison to take part in the march. 

Tapia is an immigrant from Mexico. But she wasn't alone. Several bus loads of immigrants made the trip to join others in Milwaukee. All of them were voicing their concerns with government policies targeting illegal immigrants. 

"We won't allow our communities to be damaged, to be divided and families to be torn apart," said Mario Garcia, another person who traveled from Madison for the march. 

Tapia has already experienced that separation. 

"My mom came here when I was about 12 years (old). And I met her here three years after. So, it was really hard situation for me to stay back home," Tapia explained. 

Now, she just hopes she and fellow immigrants can stay. 

"I will have to say many of the families are even thinking to go back, cause they don't know what it's going to look like soon," said Tapia. 

"I have a lot of friends, a lot people who I've known for years are in different situation," Garcia added. 

And so they marched, as they took part in an unalienable right given to all Americans as they continue to hope acceptance can be granted to them.

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