Monroe hockey team pays tribute to former teammate

BELOIT (WKOW) -- It was a difficult night for the Monroe hockey community, as the high school team took to the ice to play for the first time since losing a teammate in a car crash.

A playoffs game against Beloit Tuesday night started with a moment of silence as a tribute to sophomore player Joseph Wyss. He died Friday in a car crash, along with two other students. Each player had a special tribute to their missing teammate.

"The boys made stickers to put on the back of their helmets with his number on it, and I knew they dedicated this game, this season, to Joseph," says Mya Waterman, Wyss's girlfriend.

Classmates came out in full support of the team and in memory of their friend, number 13, whose jersey hung above the players' bench.

"Everyone has been affected by it, even people that weren't really close to them he had an impact on, he was kind to everyone and it just brought us closer," says student Kaylynn Conway."It's definitely hard and it's different not seeing them every day and seeing their smiles and laughing it up with them," says Charley Fotrney, a Monroe student.One fan made hearts with number 13 on them to wave in the crowd."We picked purple because that was their favorite colors," says Lexi Davis.Communities across the state have reached out to offer support after the students' deaths. Monroe activities director Jeff Newcomer says in the past few days, he's been overwhelmed with support from other districts.

"I've been getting emails, texts, phone calls from other activities directors, athletic directors, in the conference and other surrounding communities, other schools," he says. "They all want to do something for us. Several are doing different things at their athletic events this week, raising money for the families."Beloit's fire station and ice arena posted "Prayers for Monroe" on signs in anticipation of the game on Tuesday, which was appreciated by fans who showed up for the game.

"It's very nice that everyone shows their support," says Monroe hockey fan Dennis Lewey. "It's very thoughtful kind and thoughtful and very caring."

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