MPD Officer Matt Kenny will stay on mounted horse patrol

One day after the City of Madison agreed to award a $3.35 million settlement to the family of Tony Robinson, Police Chief Mike Koval announced Officer Matt Kenny - who shot and killed the 19 year-old Robinson - would stay on mounted horse patrol through the end of the year.

"To his credit - even though he exercised his seniority pick and he could be going back to patrol - he came to me and in light of the volatility of what's going on the in the community, said 'I want to put the community and the department's interests ahead of my own interests.' So he will not be going to patrol services for the balance of this year," said Chief Koval.Officer Kenny had notified Madison Police in November 2016 he wanted to take advantage of a clause in his union contract that allowed him to return to a beat patrol.

"However, he also said at that time - "I'm going to kind of take a wait and see attitude based on the trial, based on the community's sentiments, based on what the department's logistics are going to be,' in light of the fact that there's a lot of activism that no doubt will come when he comes back to patrol," said Chief Koval.Kenny was not found criminally liable for the death of Robinson - who he shot seven times after responding to a disturbance call on Williamson Street on March 6, 2015.

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