Pence in Wisconsin Friday

MADISON (WKOW) -- Vice-President Mike Pence will visit Blain Supply in Janesville Friday morning, the company announced Thursday afternoon.

Blain Supply houses the corporate headquarters and distribution center for all Blain's Farm and Fleet stores.

Vice-President Pence will be joined on this visit by Republican Speaker of the House and Janesville native Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson.

The company says Vice President Pence will take part in a listening session with a small group of farmers and local business owners, and he will then speak to roughly 350 Blaine Supply associates and invited guests.

“I agreed to host this event because I was given the opportunity to bring together successful farmers and multi-generational family-owned businesses to speak directly to the Vice President to share the topics that they care most about,” says Owner/President and CEO, Jane Blain Gilbertson. “Farmers and local family-owned businesses have anchored this community, and they are the life-blood of our country. We are proud of the Janesville community. It is our pleasure to support it and our honor to introduce it to the Vice President.”

Pence is touring manufacturing facilities across the industrial Midwest this week - an area of the country crucial to President Trump's victory last November.

"I want you to know President Trump is all of your biggest fan. And Donald Trump as President of the United States is the best friend American small business will ever have," Vice-President Pence told a group of small business owners in Cincinnati Thursday.

But Democrats are trying to remind people their policies do more to support working families - a group Trump did well with on election night.

"I think there is a bit of buyer's remorse," said Sam Liebert, deputy chair of the Rock County Democratic Party. "There's some people I've talked to that said - 'oh, I didn't think he was gonna do that.' Well, he has done that."

Liebert said a number of left-leaning groups are planning to gather outside of Blain Supply in protest of Vice-President 

Pence's visit.For more on this story:

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