Commentary: Town hall ‘grassroots’ tactics just part of the liberal ‘Indivisible’ plan

Photo: Getty Images

It seems like an organic grassroots movement fueled by righteous indignation.

It isn’t.

The swarms of angry liberals popping up at Republican congressional events, the “empty chair” town halls, thepetitions demanding representatives meet with their constituents.

Yeah, a lot of that is one big phony political show, written by former aides to congressional Democrats and produced by some of the wealthiest liberal activists in the land.

And the mainstream media is eating it up.

In Wisconsin, this “grassroots” movement last month got all up in U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s face at a town hall in Pewaukee. The Menomonee Falls Republican, a nearly 40-year member of Congress, was forced to repeatedly pound his gavel, imploring his hostile political opponents to “be respectful.”

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