Janesville man whose house struck by lightning says it was "like a bomb went off"

UPDATE (WKOW) -- A man whose home was struck by lightning overnight Tuesday tells 27 News "it was like a bomb went off." 

Wes Slater lives at 200 Kellogg Avenue in Janesville. He and his dogs were inside when the lightning struck and the explosive sound woke him up just before 1 Tuesday morning. While Slater didn't want to speak on camera, he was grateful he and his dogs got out safely, and is now looking forward to some rest before dealing with the aftermath. 

Slater says the house is "totally gutted" on the inside. A 60-foot pine tree in his backyard is no longer standing. He also had a camper on the property that was severely damaged. And there may be even more damage than he thinks; he's only seen the aftermath in the dark. 

The Red Cross was there to help Slater after the fire. When the 27 News crew got there, the last remaining fire and police crews were leaving the scene.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/34681758/2017/03/07/janesville-crews-battle-overnight-fire-after-lightning-strikes-home

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