Scott Walker: State fraud-fighting initiatives saved taxpayers $250 million

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State anti-fraud initiatives have saved taxpayers more than a quarter-billion dollars over the past six years, according to Gov. Scott Walker.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue last tax season prevented more than $63 million in fraudulent refunds and tax credits, Walker said in a press release. That’s up more than $5 million from tax year 2015.

The savings statement comes out as the Republican governor proposes a boost in state funding for an expanded tax auditing program that would add 46 revenue agents — an unpopular initiative among members of Wisconsin’s business community.

Since 2011, the Department of Revenue’s identity theft prevention measures have stopped more than $255 million in potential fraud, according to the press release.

“Protecting Wisconsin’s taxpayers is a top priority,” Walker said. “This includes protecting them from waste, fraud, and abuse. I applaud the Department of Revenue for their efforts to safeguard our citizens from fraudulent activity. We will continue to work with them and remain vigilant so we can prevent identity theft and other forms of fraud.”

Identity theft and tax refund fraud are two of the top cyber crimes, according to Rick Chandler, secretary of the Department of Revenue.

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