High winds ground many light aircraft

Winds were sustained between 20 and 30 mph while gusting above 50 mph causing many small planes to be grounded at Dane County Regional Airport.

However, determining whether it's safe to fly not only comes down to the size of the plane, but also the experience level of the pilot. Jeff Davis, General Manager of Wisconsin Aviation in Madison, says pilots have "personal minimums" for themselves. These are a set of rules determining whether the pilot feels safe enough to fly.

Although many single and twin engine planes remained grounded, Davis assures that pilots flying passenger planes are well-equipped for challenging weather situations, "Airline pilots train for this almost constantly...So I would tell passengers to not be concerned."

Officials say there were no delays at Dane County Regional Airport despite high winds. However, they added that because Wednesday is a lighter travel day, this helped the situation as well.

For more information go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/34701350/2017/03/08/high-winds-ground-many-light-aircraft

Photo: WKOW

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