Madison Streets to be Plowed Monday

Officials with the City of Madison's Streets Division say they will be plowing all residential streets starting this afternoon when the snow is expected to taper off.

Supervisor Bryan Johnson says the citywide effort will start after the snow stops enough for the plows to transition to residential areas. Crews have been maintaining the main salt routes for main thoroughfares since the storm started Sunday night

He says all city streets will likely be plowed in 10 to 12 hours after that, with the anticipation that they'll be clear prior to the Tuesday morning commute. After the plowing work is complete, new crews will be called in to sand residential areas.

Johnson adds that they'd still prefer if you didn't park on the street, especially in the downtown/isthmus area, to help make it easier for them to plow. However, since there's no declared snow emergency event, alternate-side parking restrictions will only be in effect outside of the downtown/isthmus emergency zone.

If you encounter a plow vehicle on your evening commute, be sure to give workers plenty of space so they can continue their work safely.

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