Second BP gas station shooting suspect charged

 A second man is charged in connection with the shooting of four people at a Madison gas station, but he does not face an attempted homicide charge.

22-year old Christopher Somersett appeared in Dane County court Tuesday on charges of first degree reckless endangering, and felon in possession of a firearm.  A court commissioner set his bail at $150,000.Authorities say danger began Feb. 18 at a Beaver Dam night club, were fights broke out, and guns were taken out.  They say some of those involved in that friction in Dodge County ended up at the BP gas station at 4222 East Washington Ave. around 3 a.m. Feb. 19.  Investigators say Somersett was among as as many as seventy people at the gas station.Authorities say Somersett was one of two men to open fire.  "There were eleven bullets found on scene,"  special prosecutor Renee Roenicke says.  "This defendant shot an individual twice, cleared his gun, then shot it again."Authorities say the other shooting suspect, 28-year old Claude Knight, provided the information about Somersett, but they also say evidence on the scene corroborates Knight's story.  Knight is also jailed on $150,000 bail. 

Court records say the man Somersett is accused of shooting had a bullet lodged in his collarbone, but survive, as did the three other shooting victims.

Records also show a man who was the present at the time of the gas station shooting, previously had been accused by 2016 murder victim Darius Haynes of following Haynes prior to Haynes' fatal shooting.  No one has been charged in the Haynes' killing."At the time of his arrest, Somersett faced a tentative charge of attempted first degree intentional homicide.Authorities indicate Somersett may have acted in retaliation for harm done to his brother.

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