Criticism over coins during budget hearing

Democrats on the Legislature's budget committee are ripping Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel for spending $10,000 to create coins emblazoned with ``Kicking Ass Every Day.''

Schimel appeared Wednesday before the Joint Finance Committee to answer questions about the Department of Justice's budget. Sen. Jon Erpenbach asked him if he thought it was a good idea to spend the money on the coins

.Schimel says the coins are given as gifts to boost employee morale. He says he wanted a catchy phrase and DOJ workers go above and beyond in their work. He says most of the feedback he's gotten on the coins has been positive.

He did say he didn't know the coins cost $10,000, however, and he's putting what he called higher levels of approval before such expenditures are made. He didn't elaborate.

Sen. Lena Taylor implored Schimel to lead and she doesn't need $10,000 in coins.

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